I think we live in a world where we should define what work really is and what service is for mankind, due to the fact that the latter is of a higher purpose than the first. The comparizon between the two of them? I think it should be regarding the purpose and the means. Is it for the wellbeing of all or just for the one doing it, namely me, for instance? If it’s only for my interest, than it is work and what work really is, I should say, nothing else but getting ends meet, whereas these are, by no means, belonging to the human realm, rather to the animal instinctive one.

Work is really punishment for the one wanting more or something else of a superior type. When you love mankind for what mankind really is (man and kind, which is the essence of it), than you want to be of its service, to serve it. A sage one day used to say that “service to others is the highest of purposes”. It got me thinking and I understood that yes, serving comprises all, the wellbeing of other people having many dimensions of being and understanding. We are not talking about the material level, but all levels, including spiritual. If you care for people, you would want to level up their spirit also, not only their economical level, which is basic. And this means you being in a higher state of consciousness than they would be, for you would never guide or help elevate anyone if you are not on a higher level of being.

Sacred texts of ancient times speak of work as punishment, as paying for others’ debts. Of course, it may mean the debts of another kind than financial, monetary etc. We may talk about deeds that were left unpaid sometime and someplace, in our journey living in the world. Maybe in other lives, other existences we may have done some things and with other things we are in debt, we need to do them before we go.

But when we talk about professional work is more or less of the same: punishment for others’ debts. We work for others and not for ourselves. Would this be kind of egotistical, working for ourselves? Not in the case of the explanation I may give you. When you work for yourself, there is a kind of bliss that takes over and makes you enjoy what and who you are, what you do and what you give. Actually, giving is the order of business. When you enjoy yourself, you want to showcase yourself to others and this is an act of giving. This very act is the one opening doors for you. With it you give others the better version of you and when time will pass and you continue, you will give the best version of you, including. This means refinement. You will refine yourself to such a degree that the artistry of you will be shown in your work. And then, congratulations, for you will have elevated the state of mankind with your state. This is you changing, really, and changing the world.

Working for yourself brings you prosperity. But in a world and society where all of us are taught to step on each others’ toes and heads, sacrifice others for our wellbeing, this is out of the question. This is the number one reason why most of us are working, whereas the least of us are multimillionaires and are not working a second or a milisecond during the lifetime. This paradigm, this mentality is the mentality of the majority. The least of people figured it out, but unfortunately the majority of this small group are thriving by robbing others of wellfare. They’re the ones comprising the oligarchical elite of finance and banking worldwide, only a mere few thousands to say the most. The rest of the people in the said small group of millionaires are really the honest ones thriving by helping others. And they do gain millions of dollars. But there is one rule governing this entire small group described by Robert Kiyosaki in his book, Rich Dad, Poor Dad: rich people don’t work for money.

But working for yourself really brings you prosperity. Imagine a world in which all people work for themselves. Would this be egotistical? Would this represent the paradigm of separation? Would they be separate and isolated from each other? But would this mean all of them would thrive? How would they relate to each other when they meet? Would there be any competition between them? Would they race against each other or would they help each other in need?

When we have our fundamental needs fulfilled, we have a foothold, a confort zone in which we have time and space to think, to reflect upon life and so on. Then, all other doors and possibilities would open for all of us. So, fulfilling them, I think is the number one priority, step one to thriving. And what are they? Food, clothing and shelter, of course. If at least one of them is missing from our life, there could be a riot in our head starting, crystallising, then, in the outside world. Thus, conflicts are born. This number one priority should be available for those who want to do good deeds to others, out of empathy, compasion, love for them.

Working for yourself is not work anymore, is service. Why? The feeling of joy comes as a result of self-development of the skills and whatnot. When you develop yourself by working your abilities, skills, talents etc., you generate a sense of joy for the results you have, even if they may come sooner or later. During this process, you share your works and crafts, and this is the act of giving yourself to others. The emotional substance of joy you put in your creations will be spread to the others as well. So, not only do they get the physical finished result, but they will get it impregnated by your energies of gladness, and this will be felt by all, regardless. It is tested, verified by many people in these situations. They can corroborate this.

Then, service begins, really. And this is beyond work, as I said. No matter what you do, service will always make all others thrive. The simple joy you feel, is what you get in return. Other things don’t matter. And it becomes bliss, because beyond joy there’s bliss. What good is it for you? Joy turns to happiness and happiness opens all doors. A happy person is like a magnet attracting all sorts of opportunities, material and spiritual alike. You live from a different realm, a different dimension. A happy human being is a conscious being inspiring others to do good and thrive. As I said above, what if all of us are thriving? Would there be any conflicts or wars, poverty or hunger? Would a happy person leave others starve? Would they rob, kill or smugle? Would they cheat or lie? Would all of these be on their menu, daily? I don’t think so! In fact, happy people are incapable of wrongdoings. Happy people live by the code of truth and they are fair, but they are not stupid. They’re also smart and strong. They do things with finese, but also with strength.

Work is a punishment from which we would want to evade, to escape, to dissapear from. Service is the other way around, a refuge. The one who is identified with work, is identified with the world of wrongdoings, of misdemeanor and trespassings. Even if they have a good heart, but not so their conscience, which is trapped within the bubbles of the ego. On the other hand, the ones who service are free people. They’re free to choose who to help, according to their awakened (up to a point) consciousness. They are free to do whatever they feel and want, and their will is to give others the chance to thrive, a chance for welfare. Whereas the workers are slaves for money, an illusion of value around the world. Money is a nonexistent so-called value. This would never give us wellbeing since it looses its own value day by day.

A worker is a slave, whereas a servant is a free man, or woman, serving tireless. A slave will always be tired of working. That is why working is punishment. Serving is bliss because it rejuvenates us physically and spiritually. We can never feel tired since we are free.

Choose service and you choose freedom (of thinking, feeling, acting, speaking and creating). Choose work and you can never be yourself, always living the life others want you to live. When you are not yourself, you are no one, really. So, choose wisely, and choose who you are and you will be free to be! God bless!

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