You don’t attract what you want, you attract what you are.

Wayne Dyer.

A lot has been said and written about the now so famous law of attraction, both good and bad, positive and negative information, correct and incorrect, according to some, and I think it’s high time we speak about this as well. We’ve put the above quote as a motto for our article, here, and we’ll start from there.

In the realm of the law of attraction, in the world of personal development and spiritual practices, want and desire comes to the table and people start to approach this subject with these aspect of our human psychology. Many experts in this field say that we should have a desire, we should know what we want and the law of attraction starts working for us. This is regardless of the fact that we may know or may not know each other at all. Self-knowledge may be or may be not. But, the question comes to mind: shouldn’t we know ourselves, in order to know how this law of the Universe is working? Perhaps, in order to work with it, in order to let it work for us, we should know a bit about ourselves, beyond want and desire.

Everything starts with a desire, most say, and this is the starting and the turning point for many, because we may come back to it. What we really want is to be happy, actually, to live well, to have everything we want and need. But need comes also to mind. What we really need in order to live in this world is basically: food, clothing and shelter. Nothing is said about money, in this matter. Money is not a need, even if many would dissagree.

But desire and want need to be strong, neet to be aligned spiritually (which is the deepest dimension of man) with the laws of the Universe, with how the Universe unfolds and works. Knowing yourself comes to the table of discussions again, which is actually knowing the Universe through yourself, because we have all the laws of the Universe mirrored in ourselves and knowing them, we know the Universe. We are the Universe. Unfortunately, most people don’t know themselves and thus, don’t know the Universe. This is the reason why they don’t live according with the Universe. All their forces work against it, unfortunately.

This reason is the only one proving the lack of success most of us have in life. It’s like we hit a brick wall never going beyond it. But others have figured it and use it to achieve success in everything they do. Actually, success is never a gain, never a trophy for them, it’s a way of life.

So, the law of attraction works attracting in our lives exactly what we are, because what we are, we attract and reject. 

Therefore, the law of attraction has an opposite, namely the law of rejection. Think about a magnet having two poles: a plus and a minus one, a positive and a negative one. Everything is dual in nature and creation, so it’s natural not to neglect thinking about the opposite of attraction. And the law of rejection makes us reject what we are not. Do we want success? Yes, but we don’t have success in ourselves and thus, we can’t attract it. If we do, we attract it and it comes to us. But most of us want something with the fear in the back of our minds not wanting to obtain something else. We want money because we fear being poor, we fear not having enough to pay our bills, not having money to buy what we need (food, water, household things for home uses etc.). And so, we want to attract something wanting, actually, something else. What do you think will come to us, in this situation? Money or not? I think the thought and feeling of fear is much stronger residing in our minds like and obsession. And it is written that what we put attention on, comes and grows. Attention is the concentration of energy and this crystallizes it making it stronger and stronger.

Fear is very powerful when it takes control of us because it makes us concentrate enough energy to make it grow. And it feels like an addiction, afterwards. Then, it grows and grows even more making it impossible to stop. Only diverting attention to our basic state of mind, which is peaceful, will stop the waves of fear crushing onto the shores of our psyche. Then, we take a hold of ourselves and control. The next step is to align our inwards with the state of the Universe. Going out in nature helps in this case, because we have an example we can follow. Calm can be achieved, then, and a clear mind.

With a clear mind comes the possibility of concentrating creative energies towards creative solutions. Creative people work with the law of attraction naturally never thinking about it, but doing. They know at least a bit about themselves in order to create whatever they want or need. They have a basis for life, which is their own way of being.

Change, for people needing and even looking for it, can happen when change happens. This means the results of change in oneself, anybody can be able to see, happens when change is lived from moment to moment. It starts with a decision. One wants and starts to change when one sees that he or she has inner needs unfulfilled.

This is the beginning. It happens so in order to balance the Universe.

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