I caress the world with thoughts, I shatter the atmosphere with visions, I splash the bilboards with otherwordly sounds. I am the Cydrone.


My name is Patrick and I’m a visual artist and author. I design, draw, paint, photograph, make music, write books and motivate people to become creative and excellent at what they do.

Artifex dixit


The entire world is, nowadays, going back to its roots. With sincerity and authenticity I look for successful models in everyday life to guide me and my peers and to develop ourselves through our talents and capabilities. With eagle eyes I scrutinize the past in search for the great archetypes that once ruled the Earth and gave us abundance and prosperity for millenia. I bring them in my art, readapted and fit for the new world that is beginning to be built. The Great Universe and its Creator, Mother Nature and the creative energies that sustain ourselves and the world have much to teach us. Let’s get back to them and to the great successful times from our past when art was real art that dignified, edified and brought beauty to our souls!

Patrick Matis

De Folio


De Proyectio

When you have lots of colours in your work, if you don’t have geometry, it means nothing, even if the said geometry is both symmetrical and asymmetrical, abstract and all, as it is.

Inspired by the ancient tibetan and aztec mandalas and paintings, I bring you a dark and grungy neon music player.


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