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Patrick M.Hey folks !

Welcome to my studio. Lemme give you a brief introduction of who I am and what I do. My name is Patrick and I’m a freelance visual artist and designer from Romania. I paint and draw with traditional and digital media, I create web and graphic design (websites, brochures, business cards, logo templates and all kinds of graphics both for the web and for print to suit your needs) and I also practice photography.

I’m also engaged in promoting a free lifestyle, a conscious and healthy living, finding your passion and purpose in life and for this, I write weekly in my Journal so you can follow me there also.

I also have projects that I work on from time to time and release a freebie resource every week or so.

So, check out my portfolio !


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 my latest project

My newest project is called “Music of Photography”. I’ve been shooting some interesting moments that keep reminding me of music and I’ve thought of making a project that encompasses both photography and music. I’m not referring to shooting still life musical instruments or music sheets or what not, but I’m talking about those photographical moments that we all live and sing to us. Those are the moments that enrich our lives in so many ways.

I’ve also decided to write about it in the Journal, under the Photography section, although I do have a music section also. I will make photographs through time that really sing to the viewer and that also have something to do with musical elements such as rhythms, dynamics, tempos etc. I will also write about the thought process that I’m going through in making the photographs and a little about the technical aspects of them if they are significant (maybe some tips and tricks also :) , who knows?).

The project won’t have a day-to-day sort of structure, nor a monthly structure of any sort, but rather a special coherence that the viewer will intuit.

You can visit the project’s gallery in the photographic projects page, also.

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freebie of the week

I have another freebie this week.

I created a full HD desktop wallpaper in Photoshop CC and you can get it here

It’s ready for download in .psd format in a .zip archive. Go to the resources page to read its description and download it..

I was thinking, these days, about making a full HD desktop wallpaper without using any outside stock textures, entirely built in Photoshop using different filtering techniques and it paid off. It has a grungy dark mood and feel to it with a bordeau-red and violet overall tint.

check it out

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